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The Astucesbeauté forum

forumastucesbeaute Le forum Astucesbeauté

Today rotten time with me, and I run (the second time) my forum smiley surprised Le forum Astucesbeauté (Click on the link or on the banner on the left)

The first time I lacked experience (and especially I had not many people) but this time we do not laugh, I will not let my new space sinking miserably !!! orangeetturquoise Le forum Astucesbeauté

Note there is a funny internet header explore, so I recommend you Firefox.

I made three headings:

- "Getting Started" which includes the operation of the forum and presentation of each.

- "Beauty" with cosmetic items, makeup and tricks.

- "Mum's Corner" with babies and pregnancies breastfeeding topics and a section for those who wish to share it.

I will hold contests and communicate a maximum, so hopefully it will work !!! (I will take care of potential bugs slowly!)

Register and Schmooze well !!!

Competition results smiley surprised Le forum Astucesbeauté will be online tomorrow smiley surprised Le forum Astucesbeauté

smiley wink Le forum Astucesbeauté

pixel Le forum Astucesbeauté
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4 Responses to The Astucesbeauté forum

  1. Serena says:

    Oh that's a great idea!

  2. Tankar said:

    I am also registered : Grin:

  3. vaness said:

    It's good I signed up!

  4. Pitchounette said:

    I am already there lol

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