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My bed has become my best friend!

femme enceinte qui dort Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami!

Actually not at all, I've already fed up but you want ... It's the game my pauv'Lucette! I am still in bed for 10 days! Fiouuuuuuu! the flea Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami!

So when I say it is bedridden "bedridden" what! Is that I get up to eat, pee, wash, be paid three / four different with my kids and hop hop hop: In bed! I have next to my bed with my makeup kit and my mirror, my phone, my pc, a letter from my bank which also has nothing to do there, and my water bottle (Because hydration What is significant ach'ment !!)

You probably say "haaaaan the chaaaaaaance .... The good life…. "Certainly, for 1 or 2 days I took advantage of my state. But one week later I dream of only one thing: Me CASSEEEEEEER smiley cry Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami!

It all started one night when I went to the bathroom for a small daily pee. I always post reflex "miscarriage" look if there is no blood on my paper ... And there malheeeeeeuuuur! Blood! Good red blood, fresh and even into the bowl !! (Yes I said when I tell all smiley surprised Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami! ) (Just to clarify, I'm pregnant for 3 months)

I wake JT any maudlin and explain that I'm losing the baby, it's horrible etcetc. It is 4am, he told me to call the fire department to find out what I should do. I have a stomach ache, I have contractions, firefighters come get me and take me in the hospital.

I see a small house that tells me that my cervix is open, and I down placenta. The placenta is normally high and when it is low it affects the cervix, which can work the collar, or my bleeding from her!

It's still at that time that I got to know my baby. He had two arms, two legs, a head and a little heart pounding cricri2002 Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami! (I had already seen in the 6 weeks but it was more like a peanut sweet as a baby)

Already I am reassured, he is alive! But even this neck of history is not cool and it stresses me. Internal recommend me a complete rest. I went home with orders to return if bleeding continues.

I decided to wait for my appointment of the first quarter with my gynecologist few days later, I am overcome with anguish smiley foot in mouth Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami! It is very reassuring saying that my cervix is ​​closed, although long, that my placenta is not so low as that, but against it is slightly off. This creates a hematoma and it bleeds!

For the placenta glue together it takes a rest near (see very) strict three weeks! I still have 10 days to shoot. It's for a good cause, I take it philosophically.

Baby is fine, no visible defect at this point, I have still to make a echocardiogram in 2months given my background!

I was told to take with great reserve judgment interns, I'll think about next time!

Well, I told you my life Emoticons Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami! until tomorrow!

pixel Mon lit est devenu mon meilleur ami!
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27 Responses to My bed has become my best friend!

  1. tanagr said:

    Good luck and you rest well.

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  3. HélèneSud said:

    Rest you well .... I have also known that during pregnancy ... My son and I spent more time at home than outside .... Then I bcp trouble staying in place, but it was worth it !!
    I had a wonderful ... BB is great now (23 years) ... but if I had to do well I will not hesitate one second I take my pain with patience !!!
    : BigLove:

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  5. Julia said:

    Ooh good luck for the rest of your pregnancy! And in bed, thinking about all the times you were going to work tired and you dreamed of finding your bed ;)

  6. Ciloucr said:

    Many took the opportunity to rest, you did it to do.
    Do not pretend to rest and do nothing (if you can, it's hard but it's for a good cause).

  7. Aaricia said:

    go, rests you, soon you in rigoleras

    waiting… : Knit:

    : Mortderire:

  8. Mam-Espal said:

    : Knit::Yes Yes: I have nothing to add after this testimony very sympathiques.Bisous

  9. Solène7 said:

    Indeed it should not be obvious, but so much the better if the baby is well, and we must say it's for the better!
    Good luck : Houraaa:

  10. Tile said,

    it must necessarily rest in life and I see better place for it than the bed especially comfortable bed

  11. tile sales said:

    a comfortable bed allows both to sit quietly and keeps health

  12. Ouch, I got this for my eldest daughter, except that the placenta was very very detached. I had to remain bedridden the rest of my pregnancy ... Good luck, I know it's tough to be extended all the time. Take care of yourself, you! : Kiss:

  13. Go courage, that's all you could want.
    I know it sucks to be allite and very depressing, I have not experienced this for my pregnancies, but for an operation and morale takes a big hit! But right now it does not look good, it should help you stay warm in your sleep ;)
    And you make me smile when you talked about the daily pee break of the night, I had forgotten that unpleasant period, lol :tiredness:
    based toi bien !!! :)

  14. Serena075 said:

    Courage, it must not be obvious, but actually it's for a good cause! : BigLove:

  15. Babine said:

    Good luck for the few days that you have left !!! Restored soon and wish you courage for the rest of your pregnancy : Fufu:

  16. Gani said:

    Good luck, even for a good cause, it is not always easy especially when one already has children !!

  17. Courage for your enforced rest but as you say, it's for a good cause! : BigLove:

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