Iphone: Tips, Tricks and tips!

iphone Iphone: Trucs, Astuces et conseils!

The Iphone is intimidating! The Iphone is scary! smiley frown Iphone: Trucs, Astuces et conseils! Yet the iPhone is so simple to understand that it has been in the hands it is a real pleasure! After it is true that we must love snooping and everyone does not necessarily want to spend hours searching for how to copy / paste text or even make a screenshot!

It is his simple things I will teach you (if you're seated you'll piss you off, I suggest you do not read this smiley surprised Iphone: Trucs, Astuces et conseils! )

Let's go!

1- How reconsider an application with the multitasking system

This is a good system for juggling among several applications! Just double click the home button (the square down the Iphone) and open app will appear at the bottom of the screen! You can also close all through this app!

2- How to make a screenshot on iPhone

Eeeeh yes! It is possible and I love it! The principle is to hold down the home button (but not too long or it will trigger the voice recorder) and press simultaneously power button on the top of the iPhone. You will see a white flash and can retrieve your capture in your pictures folder (film section)

3- How to ignore a call

Simply, when your phone rings, press the key once left side volume on top of your Iphone. It will continue to ring for your partner, but in silence (for you)

Tips and keyboard input on Iphone

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